March 2021 Reading Reflections

Another month gone. March flew by fast, and in some ways it was super slow. Maybe this is just me getting older, but this was also a really tough month all around. It got better near the end, though, so I’m trying to hold onto that energy as long as possible. I was reading a lot more this time around. Most of them were articles from magazines and websites that I came across by chance, and I managed to finish my two book club reads in time for the discussions. Yay!

They were both on the short side, so I’m doubly glad I joined the groups when I did. I don’t think I can deal with a big book right now (although my library pile may disagree). But regardless of the length, they still took a while for me to read. The first was Kim Jiyoung, Born 1982, a translated novel that really got me in deep reflection mode. This was the pick for the Femibooks club, and I’m really liking this group. The discussion questions make for good conversation starters, so I’m looking forward to the next book club pick. I highly recommend the book as well—I finished it rather quickly, but I highly suggest if you do decide to pick this up for yourself to take your time with it, given the subjects covered in the novel.

The second book was even shorter, but a huge struggle to read. Unless I’m reading for a lit mag or doing a school assignment, I stay away from reading poetry. I do like going to poetry readings and hearing the poets read their work, but it was always intimidating to read on my own. I want to change that relationship this year, and with the BIPOC book club’s read IRL, I was able to take my first step out of my comfort zone. My struggles with this came with my reading approach—poetry isn’t something to speed read through, and I found myself falling into that habit a lot. It wasn’t until the discussion came and someone in the group talked about their thoughts on it that I realized this was a perfect opportunity to listen to an audiobook, so I need to remember to give that a go next time.

While reading these two books, I started Atomic Habits as a break from the other reads. More so for Kim Jiyoung in the beginning to help keep at the same pace with the other club members, but that didn’t last long. Considering the fact that I got a habit tracker journal for Christmas last year, I thought the book would help me out in being consistent with building good habits and breaking bad ones. I’m still in the first section, so that should tell you how that’s going. I also made an attempt to read Black Buck, but I borrowed the book on Libby through the skip-the-line loan, so I barely got a quarter of a way through before I had to turn it back in.

With the weird experiences I’ve been having with all of these reads, I was so thankful to get my hands on the fourth book of the Percy Jackson series. Right before reading The Battle of the Labyrinth, I was feeling the first few tugs of a reading slump going on, and this got me right out of it. I’m not waiting another month to pick up the final book, I immediately put it on hold. Going off of what I read so far this year, there’s not much of a balance between my heavy reads and my light reads. I’m not expecting the other reads on my TBR shelf to be upbeat at all, but I’ll save that for my next post.

This month was a struggle, and I’m hoping that April gets better. My birthday’s coming up (although I’m dreading entering my 30s) and Camp NaNo is underway (five days in and it’s not going as I planned), and hopefully by the end of the month, I’ll be getting the vaccine, so there’s a lot to look forward to. That’s my only upside for now.

I’m going to skip my post of my goals for April. My only goal is to get through this month in any way possible.

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